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Possible confusion in Crew Retrieval UI

I feel there's a way for users to become easily confused the way the Crew Retrieval UI works now. In the following example:


I've set up a Physician/Costumed/Legendary filter, but also added a search term for "Crusher". I can see a user believing they'll get a Crusher when they click Retrieve, when in fact there's only a 2 in 5 chance of that.

I suspect some of the people complaining about "getting the wrong crew" might be experiencing this exact issue.


  • [rr] Zathras[rr] Zathras ✭✭✭
    edited February 16
    That just happened to me as well. I was targeting Gangster Spock and ended up with already-immoed Niners Rom. And I was only using the polestars to narrow, and not search. C'est la vie.
  • Hailing Starfleet,
    Thanks for the tip Dirk. I've been trying to figure that bit out. (After 4 BIG disappointments)
    Live long and prosper...!
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    I actually really like the way the Crew Retrieval UI is designed - the crew that don’t match your search terms are still there, they’re just darkened a bit so as to separate crew being filtered by the search window and crew being filtered by polestars. It’s rather elegant, as I see it.

    In any case, the large, white number at the top left should basically always be 1, and if it isn’t you should be prepared for disappointment. For example: I wanted to Retrieve a first star for Sinister Picard and the first set of polestars I had only helped me narrow down the list to him and Judge Q...I know I would have been grumpy if I hadn’t waited for another polestar to come up that helped me narrow it down to just Picard.

    I completely agree with you.
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