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Campaign changes and next campaign announcement : Making History!


Greetings, Captains!

With our next campaign we’re making a change to campaign rewards: Campaign Equipment Crates will be replaced by ISM. Provided that all campaign tiers are unlocked, 18,000 ISM total will be available in the regular track, and 18,000 ISM total will be available in the premium track.

That’s one additional source of ISM to discover and open Constellations with!

Our “Making History Campaign” will feature: Gabriel Bell 4 *, and Lt. Commander Uhura 5*.

The campaign will start on Thursday, February 18 at 12 am ET (05:00 UTC), and end on Thursday, March 18 at 12:59am ET (Thursday, March 18 at 04:59 UTC).

Thank you for playing, live long and prosper!

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