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Honor, ISM, Skill and Rarity Constellations added to Event Ranked Rewards starting on 02/25

Greetings, Captains!

With our “Immortal Conception” Event - starting on Thursday, February 25 - we’re making some changes and some additions to the event ranked rewards.

Starting with that event you will be able to gain Honor, ISM, Rarity, and Skill Constellations by participating and ranking in events. We’ve also expanded the ranks at which Dilithium can be obtained.

Here is a breakdown of the changes/additions:

- removal of 3* crew as ranked reward
- removal of 1x Premium Reward as ranked rewards
- Dilithium: from rank 100000 and above (previously obtainable at rank 1000 and above)
- addition of Honor: from rank 15000 and above
- addition of ISM: from rank 5000 and above
- addition of Rarity Constellation: from rank 1000 and above
- addition of Skill Constellation: from rank 250 and above

You can see these changes in the Event Hub, we hope you’ll enjoy them, and are looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for playing,

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