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make crew searchable from the share screen, please

[rr] Zathras[rr] Zathras ✭✭✭
edited February 18 in Make It So!
I find it takes too long to scroll through my crew hunting for the right share for my squad during faction events.

If I were to guess, this has been requested before, but a quick forum search turned up nothing, so I'm asking here.

P.S. unless i'm misunderstanding the "tags" function in the forum, i apparently don't have the privileges to create them and add them to my post.


  • The only way I've found to make the search easier is to check which of their skills is the highest level before the event starts . If it is DIP for instance I just click on DIP at the top and the crew I am looking for is usually near the top of the list . I hope this helps .
  • Yes, I already know this. Thank you, though. They have search enabled on so many other screens, though--it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to add it to the share screen.
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