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Daily Retrieve Issue Follow Up

Greeting, Captains,

We took the time to continue to assess your feedback and concerns regarding the ban decision we made last week and our communications to the community.

You’ve expressed that a better approach could have been taken regarding the situation, the decision to ban, and how we communicated about it.

We hear you. We acknowledge that we can do better. We apologize.

Your feedback has prompted a number of initiatives that we would like to share with you:
  • Audit of our escalation processes
  • Review and address deficiencies in our playbooks for these situations
  • Policy review on banning
  • Review and action on our release process and technology

These initiatives will allow us to better respond to issues with as little impact to player’s gameplay as possible, but most importantly will reduce the risks of issues arising in the first place which is our priority.

Thank you for continuing to show us how much the game means to you, and how invested you are in its success. We truly appreciate your feedback. We hope that we can rebuild the community’s trust that we will act with fairness and compassion.

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