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Rise of the Phoenix (1 Opening - Level 134 Maxed StarBase)

Sadly, the recent ban-hammer has made a great community contributor "NoNamer" quit the game. We waited and waited, hoping he'd change his mind, but he's gone.

We now have 1 spot open in our fleet.

Rise of the Phoenix is recruiting for 1 vacancy. We are usually a top fleet in events and currently have a level 134 StarBase (maxed).

We would prefer level 40 and above captains, but can make exceptions for dedicated new captains. Our fleet requirements are

• meet daily goals
• join our fleet chat on Discord (no VIP or spend requirements)
• be able to spell Quatloo backwards

We use the discord chat for official fleet communication including event announcements, managing squads, and choosing squad leaders and shared crew. We don't shuffle squads weekly, but do balance things every few months as well as allow squads to choose their own leaders each week.

It's a great, laid back fleet that still manages to rank well. When I joined a few years back I thought having to check Discord every now and then would be a drag but it actually enhances the play experience. Everyone is polite, a Trekkie and a good sport.

Please contact Paladin27 in game, find the fleet in game, or PM me if you have any questions regarding the fleet or are interested in joining.

Live Long and Prosper.
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