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And so it's come to this. It's not you, WRG, it's me.

I will try to not drag this out too long.

I started with DB playing Game of Thrones: Ascent. I’ve been playing Timelines since launch week, and I’ve been a daily player for over five years. I don’t know if I count as a whale or not but based on these screen shots I feel comfortable saying I’ve been a loyal customer.


And having been around since the beginning I’ve seen a whole lot of things go right and whole lot of things go wrong. But what happened two weeks ago was by far the worst. I’ve spent two weeks playing like nothing happened because I wanted to give it time to cool off and see how I felt, and time for reasonable people at WRG to admit reasonable things; that hasn’t happened and so now here I am.

I didn’t know about the infamous design flaw until after the fact. I never got any benefit from the design flaw. I was not banned. But with the way TP or WRG or whatever they call themelves now handled it….. I think I’m done. The devs made a mistake. The devs made a mistake a few weeks before that when they broke the stupid Event Hub and conditioned everyone to keep pushing buttons over and over again yet no one got banned for tapping too many times on that design flaw; however, this mistake, they thought, was different because it was bad for them. So they did the mature thing and held other people responsible. They blamed players who, even if they understood what they were seeing was a design flaw (and not all understood that) never actually broke any rule in the Terms of Service. And so the ban hammers fell. That was a second mistake. After the community called them out on this mistake they relented under pressure, all while seemingly holding to their position so we would know they were reversing their actions only under duress, the players are still dirty cheaters and the devs are the real victims here.

This is the behavior of children. I for one find doubling down on obvious mistakes rather than owning up to it, insincere non-apologies and an almost adversarial posture with the customer base to be just plain wrong. And I don’t think I want to do business with people who engage in what, to me, is unethical behavior. So it's not you, WRG. It's me. The course WRG charted appears to suggest that the next time the devs make a mistake then if I inadvertently get some benefit from whatever that next screw-up is then the ban hammer may well swing harder, faster and more ruthlessly because, hey, they warned us this time not to press a button we don’t know is broken.

So I’m hanging it up, at least for a little while. I’m not going to delete the game, but since I mulled this over for two weeks I’m going to disable push notifications, tuck the game in the back of some folder on my phone I never dig into and forget about it for the next two weeks at least. We’ll see if I feel compelled to come back. If not then Cleo, Silver, Abs, Saga, Test, Glorf, Elim, Chieph, and a whole bunch more who’ve retired long before me and aren’t even around to read this anymore, it’s been real. Peace out, folks.


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    Meh. Nevermind.
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    BarnBurner wrote: »
    Why start this all over again.....

    .......question for you, Warrior Willo.....Why Not make it clear to a company when said company has lost a ling time player?

    If your stance is that players should just quietly disappear without providing feedback, the danger would be that a company might miss a chance to correct decisions that are negatively impacting revenue.

    I think i get the underlying tone of your message though. You are upset, or maybe offended that these forums as of late are populated by complaints. Grievances. Demands. But these are not things that came about idly, rather, an external stimuli expressed them. Kind of like a lance piercing a boil.

    Truth be told, i wonder why i even lurk around here anymore. Habit really. App uninstalled weeks ago, no real investment in the game at all anymore.fallacy of sunken costs i suppose. Maybe i keep hoping that the company will turn it all around and make me come running back, or maybe i just enjoy watching the never ending trainwreck of it all. Hard to say.

    Either way, to your question of “why start this all over again?”, i must ask, has it actually ended?

    To answer that final question, I would say it hasn’t ended... and there is already more than one thread where this sentiment can be expressed. As has been echoed in this thread, no one is saying forget it. However, let your actions speak for you and stand fast to that chosen avenue of action. Don’t spend, reduce playing time, or break from/leave the game if that is your plan (just as is mentioned in the OP). See if that leads anywhere, either for you or the company. LLAP with whatever you decide.

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    Calhoun wrote: »
    Thurthorad wrote: »
    I strongly suspect that for people who are still 'mad' about this it's more about the fact that they felt humiliated, both because they were taken to task for their actions and because they realised that they don't have any power in these situations. You don't own anything in a game like this. There are no investments. And maybe that's the best reason to walk away if they can't handle that.

    Yeah, there's definitely some of that. My favourite was someone who claimed to be doing chargebacks on everything they've ever bought from the game over the course of years, and thinking they were both morally and legally entitled to do so as they were unable to access their account for a day. Intangible items in a game with a finite lifespan will, sooner or later, be inaccessible to all of us. People should come to terms with that before opening their wallets.

    No matter how upset you were by this, I agree that those trying to get everything they ever paid for refunded were misguided, to put it politely. The ones who made taunting posts about this, then seemed shocked they were locked out entirely are a whole different level of stupidity 🙄

    Imagine having a bad experience at a restaurant you eat at regularly, then going to your credit card company and trying to get every charge you ever made there refunded, dating back years. That's how ridiculous it is.

    It would probably be in everyone's best interests to look at anything paid for here as an extended, hopefully long term rental. If the game shuts tomorrow, you don't get to keep anything.
    Calhoun wrote: »
    Thurthorad wrote: »
    In the case of the OP, he wasn't even affected directly, presumably retirement had been on his mind anyway. As has been said before and will continue to be said, there are plenty of good reasons to stop playing or stop paying. Be mad about this if you want to be, but realise that most everyone else has moved on either because they've left already or because we're fine with it.

    OP's only committing to taking two weeks off! If that's such a big deal as to merit an announcement, stepping away is probably a healthy thing.

    Players have gone before them and will continue to go after, for a multitude of reasons. Some will have more retirements than Terry Funk. If enough leaves, the game ends. There are plenty of other games out there.

    In the scheme of things, I could not care in the slightest. I work in an area where I'm exposed to people's horrific, life-changing events every day. To see people getting this riled up over a game was mildly amusing at first, but it's now beyond tiresome. If it's that big a deal in someone's life, they would do well to step away for good and/or gain some perspective in life.

    Even the original leaving the game post was non-committal. They couldn't even commit to deleting the game! I'm not saying they don't have legitimate gripes, but how serious do you expect to be taken when you may come back?

    @Calhoun, I did pop for the Terry Funk reference. It's extraordinarily on point. The first few times the Funker retired, people were sad. Most every time since, they couldn't even take it seriously. We knew he'd be back.

    STT is a lot like the wrestling biz or the Mob. People say they are leaving, but almost no one ever does. As Funk would say, they're here...

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    Seems the forum is baaaaaack to normal.
    IceCat wrote: »
    Banjo1012 wrote: »
    IceCat wrote: »
    It‘s amazing how „retired“ players can still FTM new crew. :D

    Regarding the topic. Not sure if it really was necessary to open a seperate thread for this, but i wish you all the best. Enjoy ur „semi“? retirement. :)

    It's quite fascinating how many people who have "quit" the game are:

    • still getting FTM
    • still posting repeatedly on here


    Also such a message sent to TP that “outraged” players are so high on the event leaderboard

    If I had a crew slot for every time someone "quit or retired"....well... ;)

    I used to work in a casino. The similarities between STT players and casino players are insanely eerie. Right down to the "I'm never coming back/spending money here/etc." routines.

    You could make a case for the game itself having a lot of common ground with casino games, but that's a discussion for another time 😆

    Honestly though, all jokes aside, I'm starting to feel like this is deja vu from those days. Right down to the same whales making a big production as they storm off, "never to come back again".

    I've seen players who spent more in an hour than I made in a week swear on their kids they were done forever. The ones who cause such a scene would always be back like clockwork the next day. It got to the point with some it was a running joke to say, "see you tomorrow".

    I think Q is pranking me and bringing those people here. I can't escape them 🤣🤣🤣

    How many customers do you think Caesars Palace would have if their TOS had a clause that said “we can stop the roulette wheel, stop card deals, stop slot spins and stop dice rolls after bets are made, but before those bets are paid”?

    Check the TOS for tilting point.

    Then look at their behavior, knee jerk reactions, shoddy quality control, etc. sorry, but it dosnt really elicit confidence in their ability to keep it all afloat.

    You, and others can keep trying to deflect attention away from the core issue, but the issue will remain.

    6-12 months this game will be gone.
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    No @IceCat , it's you that needs to re examine the TOS. They can shut it down between heartbeats with no notice or repercussion. Prove me wrong.

    Most of your post is just a giant straw man. Ill just say, i DID quit the game. I DID delete it, i have not logged back in or re installed. Im here because i still have hopes that this company will fix the important things. Until then, im going to keep making it clear to them that they are losing money.

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    I've been on the forums for over two years. If I had a crew slot for every post prognosticating the game's demise in "months," I'd have more slots than there are crew.

    Ive been breathing for more than ten years. If i had a nickel for every time someone surprised me with a metaphor that had no resemblance to reality, i would be swimming in chocolate.
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