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[Resolved]PM coms not working properly

edited March 15 in Past Anomalies
When you attempt a private message with a friend, fleet mate or anyone you can not see your own msg after sent. It would appear the msg didnt send so you retype it multiple times, then get a response in the same manner. Only the reply from the recipient is visible and it is duplicated also because they can not see that the msg they sent went through.
This seems to be affecting only PM msg. Not fleet, squad or UC group chats
It started yesterday. And continues today. After everyone has rebooted time and time again it still happening across multiple fleets.


  • Zombie Squirrel Zombie Squirrel ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 12
    Happened to me as well.

    Not that the in game message system ever worked 100% before,
    but not even seeing the message u just send is a new.

  • ShanShan admin
    it's being looked into! Thank you for the reports :)
  • ShanShan admin
    This should be resolved!
  • DAEDAE ✭✭✭
    Shan wrote: »
    This should be resolved!

    Thank you.
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