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Waypoint: Deep, Deep Space (for advanced players)

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Waypoint: Deep, Deep Space, For Advanced Players

What if you could Voyage out into deep, deep space, then build another Starbase there? Or settle a barren planet or moon? A Voyage from there, might get you six or eight hours travel time, from say Earth, toward even and ever deeper in space?

Although, it might be costly, and dangerous building way, way out there...

Go back to your home world or Starbase, by way of a long range beam, or - I've often wondered what a ship like Discovery could do in the game: jump from place to place or time to time? Maybe any ship could be fitted with the technology (originally "spore drive?")

Let's get out there, way deep, deep out in space-time! Thar might be gold crew way out there?! Other special items too. There would be more encounters and adventures to be had, in the "Newer Frontier." I don't think it wrong to introduce "non-canon," or stuff not found in the movies nor shows, but some semblance of the origins of all that is Star Trek, should be observed.

Thoughts? Unwanted, or possibly wanted?

PS - A higher warp maybe a good, wanted, and new innovation.

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