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“Reunion Spock and Kirk” is now live!


Greetings, Captains,

As previously announced, this March we’re celebrating William Shatner’s and Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthday with something special, a new fuse crew: “Reunion Spock and Kirk” (5*). This crew is inspired by Spock and Kirk’s reunion in the motion picture, Star Trek III - “The Search for Spock”.

“Reunion Spock and Kirk” can be obtained by upgrading “Anxious Kirk” with “Fal-tor-pan Spock”. For players unfamiliar with the process please know that immortalized crew cannot be used for this type of special upgrade, only non-immortalized crew will trigger the fuse option.

“Reunion Spock and Kirk” and “Anxious Kirk” are now live and can be seen in the Vault.

“Anxious Kirk” is part of today’s theme pack, “Silver Screen”, that will run until Thursday, March 25 at noon ET (16:00 UTC).

Live long and prosper,

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