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Ship Abilities Display Upgrades

I've noticed a few things lately while maintaining the Crew and Ship Abilities spreadsheet. There are things that do not display in the Cryovault in some cases or anywhere at all in other cases that I would love to see updated in some future version of the game.

1) I've mentioned it before, but I would like to see passive ship abilities added to new crew in the Cryovault. It would probably take too much work to add to old crew, so I'll settle for just new crew. I've seen the stats in some of those old crew though, so I know it's possible.

2) The good folks at the Datacore app have percentages listed for Boarding Damage boosts. That means the information exists somewhere in the game. I would like to see that added in the game. According to my spreadsheet linked below, this would impact roughly 40 crew. This may not seem like a big deal now because nobody uses a boarding setup for arena or skirmish, but once the Warship Voyager becomes more widely available, this could become more prevalent. Currently, this information is not displayed anywhere - not in Cryovault, not in any game mode where you select a bridge crew. I would like it everywhere of course. Why not reach for the moon? But I would settle for just bridge crew selection menus.

Crew and Ship Abilities spreadsheet mentioned above:
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