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Announcing our April Mega-Event: Masquerade


It is time to announce our April Mega-Event, “Masquerade”.

When Neelix goes missing, his beloved partner Dexa is determined to find him. But it quickly becomes clear that the search won’t be as easy as looking for Neelix--Neelix may have been altered to look and act nothing like himself! Who would kidnap and change him, and for what purpose? Join Starfleet officers with experience living in a different skin to find Neelix and stop his kidnapper from enacting a nefarious plan.

With a title like “Masquerade” what better bonus trait than “costumed”? All crew with that trait will provide an event bonus for each event.

Barry Waddle will be the recurrent threshold reward, available in all four events part of the mega-event.

Among the protagonists you’ll encounter some new faces such as Dexa, Amal Chakotay, Human Saru, Bajoran Culber, Xahean Adira, Trill Burnham, Klingon West, Thelev, as well as Human Neelix. The last event will feature three new crew instead of the usual two.

The third event will be a skirmish event introducing a long awaited ship: the U.S.S. Excelsior!

The schedule of events will be as follow:

Faction Event “The First Hours” - April 1
Galaxy Event “In Plain Sight” - April 8
Skirmish Event “A Pied Piper” - April 15
Faction Event “By Any Other Name”- April 22

We hope you’ll enjoy this mega-arc, thank you for playing,

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