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Two New Voyages Ideas

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Two New Voyages Ideas:
Cruise One: Travel Backwards in Time to Change Things that Went Wrong.

Cruise Two: Travel Forward in Time to Change Things that Have yet Gone Wrong.

Pick the Traveller or Q as your guide. Take a ship on a Voyage, either in the direction of backwards in time, or forward in time. With many choices, chose where to go, and resolve important plot points along your Voyage through time.

Have some fun on the Holodeck or Ten-Forward as you go.

Earth, itself, has a rich history, but what do other planets, star systems, and other places have? Solve problems at significant places of interest, Dear Reader. What locations will you visit?
Is the future really uncharted territory? Some has already been altered.

Look for advisement from ancient Gods or aliens, wise people or species from the future, etc. or think for yourself, then act.

Receive Temporal Positive Points for everything you do favorable. Get Rewards along your way. Do your job well, and get great Rewards!

Visit places in time that can help, or you can fix.

Be sure to drop a beacon or drop an "anchor" before leaving, for a speedy return to your place and time, or back to where and when you live.

⏳Stellar Temporal Treks! -Turen
Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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