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Voyage and Shuttle timers aren't working

In the Galaxy map, the Voyage timer isn't counting up. If I enter the Voyage UI, it's working correctly. This happens in Windows and Android for me.

On the main view, the shuttle time isn't counting down. If I enter the Factions UI, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. This is only on the Windows app for me.


  • pirunapiruna ✭✭✭
    edited April 15
    I understand what you're talking about but it has always been like that. I've given up on it. I just learned the procedure to make the UI display the timer correctly.
    Enter, exit and re-enter for the shuttles; enter and exit for the voyages.
    I'm on Windows like you but Steam version. I don't use the Android version so much to let it open for long periods.
  • For a while even the exit/re-enter fix wasn't doing anything.
    Seems to be better the last day or so though.
  • DAEDAE ✭✭✭
    Yes. All that, plus on main screen while actively playing the “yellow” voyage warning for low AM never shows. Only when the voyage runs out, the red warning appears but now its too late.
    As far as shuttles my timers often say “mission expires in” as if i never started it. The shuttle is running.
    Both of these issues have been a problem for over a year across multiple updates of the game, devices and operating systems.

    Ios multiple devices all running 14.4.2 and versions prior,
    Kindle fire 7(9th gen) os and os prior
    Current app version update as of 4/14.
  • The problem is now back on my Windows app. It's weird that it comes and goes.
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