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May the Dilithium Bonus Be with You!

Greetings, Captains!

How is it May already?! In any case it’s a good time for a Dilithium Sale!

Starting today and until Tuesday, May 11 around noon ET (16:00 UTC) each Dilithium bundle available in the Dilithium store will offer 10% more Dilithium!

Please note that this 10% additional value is calculated on the base amount of Dilithium granted by each bundle. The bonus Dilithium received as VIP benefit will remain unchanged as it is dependent on the VIP POINTS awarded for each bundle.

During this sale the base Dilithium amount for each bundle will be as follow (prices are listed in USD):

- $4.99 Bundle: 365 Dilithium instead of 330
- $9.99 Bundle: 770 Dilithium instead of 700
- $19.99 Bundle: 1650 Dilithium instead of 1500
- $49.99 Bundle: 4400 Dilithium instead of 4000
- $99.99 Bundle: 9020 Dilithium instead of 8200

Thank you for playing and being part of our community!


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