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Thinking about forming a fleet - Hints, Tips, Guidance, Pitfalls and Advice appreciated

Hailing fellow Captains and Fleet Admirals,
Been tossing around the idea of forming a fleet...
Looking to find out whether there are minimum levels, crew skills, ships etc. that would be a starter. Also, just in general, seeking any advice on fleet operations and development.

May I ask anyone to indulge me, or point me in the right direction of a comprehensive "guide" to Fleets?
Thanks, in advance.

Live long and prosper,


  • Donak [¥SA]Donak [¥SA] ✭✭✭
    Be prepared to sacrifice A LOT of time
  • Prime Lorca [10FH]Prime Lorca [10FH] ✭✭✭✭✭
    Recruitment is very tight right now. It'll be difficult to start a fleet. There's so many fleets with maxed starbases that new players will often overlook a new fleet. You'll have to learn to overcome rejection when you start recruiting.

    Personally, I joined a fleet and climbed the ranks to admiral. It may not be as rewarding as building the fleet yourself, but it was definitely a good feeling to have the confidence of such great fleetmates. :)
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  • [IPA] Markas[IPA] Markas ✭✭✭
    edited June 15
    What Donak and Prime Lorca said!

    I can't recommend it, actually. I feel that the game is too mature at this point to make it appealing for new fleets. Some of the grand olde fleets with the famous names are having harder than usual times recruiting players, and that is for fleets with maxed starbases and very senior members who can mentor newer players.

    Keeping a fleet growing and appealing is balancing the live/play balance for the type of fleet you want to be in as well as one you want to run. Smart admirals ensure they have a good team of officers with them to make sure that all rows are pulling in the same direction. My fleet couldn't be as appealing to our members as it is (and so many have been around for years) if my officers weren't as involved and effective as they are.

    My recommendation for you is to find a fleet that needs some attention, join them and help them develop. Fleet leaders are often not those that are in the leadership. If it is a smart fleet, you may, like PL and I, move into the big chair.

    As far as I know, there isn't a comprehensive guide to fleets. Each fleet has a different take on its internal structure. Good luck, whatever you choose to do.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
  • Donak [¥SA]Donak [¥SA] ✭✭✭
    Well summed up ⬆️
  • Hailing fellow Captains,
    Thank you for your time and input. I appreciate your advice. Yes, I think it may be a smart/wise move to find a fleet that is in need of officers and try it out from that angle before "taking the plunge".

    Live long and prosper.
    Captain S.
  • Captain_Scarlet Mariners has 3 openings take a look
  • Zombie Squirrel Zombie Squirrel ✭✭✭✭✭
    My advice: Don t do it!

    Just join a well established max starbase fleet that fits ur needs.
  • Captain_Scarlet Mariners has 3 openings take a look

    Hailing Gib - Admiral Mariners,
    Thanks for the invite, where should I go to take a look?

    Captain ZombieSquirrel (for some reason that thought terrifies me more than any other possible zombie apocalypse...!!!) Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

    Live long and prosper.
    Capt. S
  • Gib - Admiral MarinersGib - Admiral Mariners ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 17
    captain_Scarlet Look for mariners. we have 3 openings. What is your in game name and level?

  • Hailing Admiral, Mariners,
    In game name is James T. Kirk (old school here) and Captain level is 36.
    I believe I am in top 75% of 2 out of 3 Arena tables and in top 25% of one.
    My crew is comprised of Starfleet/Federation vessels with two vessels of non-Starfleet origin used for Voyaging purposes. the rest I use the schematics for replicator fuel.

    My crew members include old school senior male officers only and the rest are of the female gender, seem to have lower specs but more pleasing on the eye...!

    I have achieved successful "Elite" completion of majority galactic challenges up to around Chapter 8 or 9. Currently working on building crew stats up to take on the Epic challenges.

    I will wander off and have a hunt for the "Mariners" today.
    Live long and prosper.
    Capt. S.
  • I see you found us. Welcome to the fleet.
  • I wish the game would let players see other fleets stats. It would make things easier to decide if one wants to join or try out another fleet without leaving current fleet.
  • I agree, Striker.
  • [IPA] Markas[IPA] Markas ✭✭✭
    There are some stats that are available on the fleet screen when you leave a fleet. It shows the admiral and the member level, but there is no general help before you are fleetless, and just a tiny bit of data when you are.

    I think the only way to truly find fleets that might meet your criteria is through the various places ads are posted (here, STT Discord server, Reddit, STT Facebook group). You get an idea about *how* the fleet interacts and what is expected.

    I rarely engage in-game when someone applies to my fleet. I would say a good 95% plus push the "join fleet" button until someone accepts them. If I'm away from the game for even an hour, I'll often have 3-5 applications who have already joined another fleet.

    I think, in general, in-game details about fleets are a bit useful but finding a good fit is the best way to find a long-term fleet experience. If you are a casual, no expectations player, finding a casual, no expectations fleet is perfect. If you want more structure and organization, you have to do some work to find out which home will be the best for you.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
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