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Ahead of our Players’ Choice Month: a Crew Slots and Dabo Sale!

Greetings, Captains!

June is just around the corner and with it exciting things will happen during our Players’ Choice Month!!

In the meantime, how about:

- 5x free crew slots for everyone, bringing the base amount to 145!

- 50% off for crew slots purchases and Dabo Wheel spins!

Starting today around1pm ET until Tuesday, June 1, around 1pm ET (17:00 UTC), all crew slots tiers and all Dabo Wheel spins are 50% off!

The amount of purchasable crew slots has also been increased by 5 tiers, for a total of 123 purchasable tiers.

We cannot wait to celebrate Player’s Choice Month with you all, expect more information about what this entails in the beginning of June.

Thank you for playing and for your continued support.


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