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Announcing our Players’ Choice Mega-Event: “Ends and Means”


Greetings, Captains!

Back in March we requested your input in choosing the theme of our Players’ Choice Mega-Event among three broad themes. “Harsh conditions” won, followed by “possession” while “sports” gathered the least votes.

Here’s an overview of our Players’ Choice mega-event “Ends and Means”:

Quark has a lead on a potential solution to the temporal anomaly crisis within the Dosi, a business-minded species with brutal negotiation tactics. Quark knows they’re difficult to deal with, but isn’t resolving the crisis worth any price? But do the Dosi actually have a meaningful solution, or are they forcing Starfleet officers to endure harsh conditions and brutal experiences for another reason?

As the recurrent mega-event character “Tribble Quark” will be available as a threshold reward in all four events part of the “Ends and Means” mega story arc.

We hope you’ll enjoy this latest Quark variant, alongside crew with the “survivalist” trait it will also provide an event bonus for each event.

The schedule of events will be:

- “A Good Lead” - Galaxy Event - 06/03
- “Playing Hardball” - Skirmish Event - 06/10
- “The Spotlight's Glare” - Faction/Galaxy Event - 06/17
- “Fool's Gold” - Faction Event - 06/24

Throughout this mega-event you will encounter new variants of familiar crew such as Sisko, Jake, Bashir, O’Brien, Kira, and even a new Garak.

We’re looking forward to your participation!

Thank you for playing,

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