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Players’ Choice Month and Timelines Talks

Greetings, Captains!

As has become a bit of a tradition WRG Ben was present yesterday on Timelines Talks, a player hosted stream.

We want to give a big shout out to Timelines Talks and all the players who participated in the charity stream in favor of Child’s Play back in March. We’re happy to announce that it inspired Wicked Realm Games/Tilting Point to make a 1,701 USD donation to Child’s Play, in honor of all Star Trek Timelines fans!

Let’s dive into what was discussed during the stream.

Players’ Choice month and Captain Picard Day!
We will be celebrating our players and Captain Picard Day with:
- a free giveaway of a brand new Picard, “Captain Picard Day Picard
- three temporary achievements to gain additional copies of this new version of Picard
- a special Behold pack will also be available for purchase in the Time Portal, this pack will allow you to choose between Mambo Picard, Kamin Picard, and Romulan Picard.
We’ll also have a new collection on June 22, for immortalized crew with the “android” trait.

At the end of this month we’ll also release a new update to the game, v8.1.0. It will contain a new feature, the Celestial Market!
The Celestial Market completes Crew Retrieval that launched earlier this year, it will allow you to use ISM in order to exchange constellations and polestars with other players!
For clarity, an overview of this feature will be sent out via a separate in-game mail.

Some other changes to look forward to in 8.1.0 include:
- a clearer confirmation pop up when retrieving crew, bringing attention to the size of the pool you are retrieving from
- a centralized Faction Trading Center, all faction stores will be accessible at once without the need to travel from one to the other
- full crew details will be available from within the crew inventory, below the stats currently displayed in crew info, with a direct access to Crew Retrieval when applicable
- the addition of the ability to dematerialize polestars and constellations (discarding them from your inventory in exchange for ISM)

Finally let’s summarize some of the points that were part of today’s stream.

- Voyage bug: we are determined to fix this bug! It has been there for far too long. This requires some intensive work however, work that had to be put aside multiple times due to more pressing priorities. There are other long standing bugs that we very much want to take care of as well, we will get there.

- Crew Retrieval cost and Quantum regen speed changes: the cost and regen balance is where it should be, there are no changes planned at this time.

- Time Portal Update: it is coming, not this month but it will happen soon.

- Star Trek: Lower Decks: we have more news on the matter, we are in discussions to obtain and integrate this license to STT, fingers crossed!

- VIP levels and Captain level cap: currently there are no plans to extend either. Any change we would want to make would require careful consideration and balancing.

- How are reruns/flashback events chosen: mostly at random, but with thoughts given to the events that surround them, for instance to avoid having similar events back to back.

- Battle Arena: we do want to look into providing more variety in the Arena, to avoid having a single ship dominating. We’d also like to review the rewards, and while it is on our list there are no definitive plans.

- Gauntlet revamp: a review of the rewards, variety of traits, etc is something that we’d like to do. It is also on our list but with no concrete plans as of yet. But we have a new gauntlet crew in mind, we’ll announce it in due time.

- Faction store revamp: we’re hoping to revisit the contents of the loot tables at some point. You’ve let us know that you would like to be able to purchase an item more than once, unfortunately that’s not feasible due to the rotating nature of the store.

- Honor sales: we understand that waiting for an honor sale, and not knowing when the next one will happen, is a pain point for some of our players. Major sales in any game of this type always have to be considered carefully, and depend on various factors such as the introduction of new features/mechanics. As such these sales will never take place on a regular and predictable schedule. That being said, we’re happy to share that when we’ll have our next Time Portal Update and Elusive Treasures, we’ll also discount the cost of the Legendary Citation in the Honor Hall!

- Achievement for immortalized crew: we’ll check on the achievement to see if it is feasible to extend it, and how. Likewise for the Voyage length achievement.

- Showing more details about the passive ship ability of each crew: this is something that would require consulting with our engineering and user interface departments, we’ll make a note of it.

- Is the trading of crew between players being considered: no.
However, with the combination of Crew Retrieval and Celestial Market we’ve taken steps to ensure that players have the necessary tools, and a path, to play, progress, and collect the characters that matter to them the most.

- Are new game modes planned: we’ll continue to add new content to the game, content like our weekly events, and initiatives like Captain Picard Day. New gameplay modes are currently not planned but we are investigating how to give players more use of their crew, something that has been requested often.

- Will new audio clips be added to the game: as much as we would like to, it is not feasible. Not only is there a significant amount of work needed to obtain/clean-up and create an audio clip, but these files also unfortunately require a large amount of game storage.

- Will there be more options/tools for Fleets like the ability to share a crew before the event starts, or seeing fleet members participation towards fleet targets: requests of this type are on our backlog.

Thank you for playing,

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