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An Overview of the Celestial Market!

As indicated in our previous communique, our next game client update will contain a new feature, the Celestial Market. This feature will go live in July, once all players are on the latest version of the game. This overview is meant to give you a preview of this new feature, with a more complete introduction to come at a later date.

The Celestial Market will be the place you go to in order to sell and/or buy polestars and constellations to/from other players. The currency used will be ISM.
Celestial Market will go hand in hand with Crew Retrieval in providing you with an easier way to work towards acquiring the characters that you really want.

Within the Celestial Market you will be able to browse other players' transactions, “orders” and “listings”.

An “order” will refer to a transaction being placed with the intent to buy an item.
A “listing” will refer to a transaction being created with the intent to sell an item.

When submitting a “listing”, the relevant polestar or constellation will be immediately removed from your inventory and put into escrow.
Likewise when an “order” is submitted, the corresponding ISM amount will be removed from your account and put into escrow as well.
Once a transaction is fulfilled you will be able to claim the proceeds.

Within the Celestial Market interface you will have the ability to use various filters as well as creating a wishlist, making it easier to see what is important to you.

Selecting an item will allow you to inspect it to:
- view the transactions currently active for that item
- create a listing to put that item for sale
- place an order to buy that item

You’ll also be able to have a global view of all of your transactions, this includes:
- your claimable items
- your active (unfulfilled) orders (max of 10)
- your active (unfulfilled) listings (max of 10)
- a transaction history
You will also have the ability to cancel any unfulfilled transactions which will result in the relevant item (polestar, constellation or ISM) to be removed from escrow and added back in your inventory.

Alongside Celestial Market we will also add the ability to dematerialize (discard) unwanted constellations/polestars in return for ISM. This will be available via inventory, from there you will also be able to quickly sell any polestar/constellation.

We’re looking forward to showing you more about the Celestial Market in the future, and to release it for all to enjoy.

Thank you for playing,

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