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Celebrating Picard Day with a giveaway and temporary achievements


Greetings, Captains!

June 16 is Picard Day and we’re starting the celebration early!

Join in on Tuesday, June 15 at 1am ET (5:00 UTC) for:

- a free giveaway of the brand new “Captain Picard Day Picard”, available to all players in the Time Portal until Tuesday, June 29 at 1am ET (5:00 UTC)

- three temporary achievements allowing you to obtain 3x 1/5 “Captain Picard Day Picard”.
Complete the achievements and claim the rewards before Thursday, July 1 at 1am ET (5:00 UTC).

The temporary achievements will be:
- start 50 Faction Missions
- complete 20 Voyage Dilemmas
- compete in two events

There will also be a special Picard Behold pack and Picard theme packs available for purchase in the Time Portal.


Thank you for playing,

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