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Lower Decks Crew we would like added to the game

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Lt. Shaxs: Bajoran tactical officer aboard the Cerritos

The race & personality combo intrigues me. They could have went for the obvious war like adorian / klingon security / tactical officer, but I didn't expect a bajoran security / tactical officer.


  • Prime Lorca [10FH]Prime Lorca [10FH] ✭✭✭✭✭
    With the Resistance and Maquis, it's not too incongruous, but you're right - there were certainly more obvious choices.

    As to the topic, I want pretty much all of them. From Tendy's dog to Peanut Hamper to Kurtwood Smith's character.. all of them! Probably top of the list though is Drunken Bat'leth Master Mariner. She really set the tone for the rest of the show. :D
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  • I love the idea of adding any Lower Decks characters into the game as well, but I thought that it was already announced that for whatever reason ST:LD characters would not be added to the game (which I personally agree is weird). After all, there are crew from the animated series in the crew roster.
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