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8.1.1 is the new 8.1.0 - iOS 8.0.2 Upcoming Force Update

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Greetings, Captains,

When we released 8.1.0 on Facebook and Steam earlier this week, it introduced an issue where ship battles would end without showing the final screen. This has now been fixed with the release of v8.1.1.

v8.1.1(version 210336) is similar to v8.1.0 and is now live on Facebook and Steam. It will be rolled out to Windows, Google Play, and iOS next week, followed by a release on our other android platforms (Amazon, Huawei, and Samsung).

This new update will introduce various changes, some of these changes will only go live once all players are on v8.1.1. A forced update is currently scheduled for 07/19 after which v8.1.1 will be mandatory to continue playing.

What’s new in v8.1.1?

Main interface
- the Limited Offers can now be found on the right side of the screen instead of the left
- the new Purchase Menu replaces the Time Portal button and gives access to
- the Time Portal
- the Faction Trading Center
- the Celestial Market (not live yet)

Faction Trading Center
Enjoy a warpless faction shopping experience, all faction trading centers are now accessible with one click, without the need to travel.

Expanded crew details in Crew inventory
Managing one’s roster is usually done from within Crew inventory, as such we’ve streamlined the experience. Full crew stats and crew retrieval access are now also available from within detailed crew stats.

Celestial Market (not live yet)
The Celestial Market goes hand in hand with Crew Retrieval to provide you with a path to obtain/complete the crew that matter to you. Find/keep an eye out for that one polestar you’re missing or sell unwanted constellations/polestars. All transactions use ISM as currency.

For an overview of Celestial Market please check this link: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/18272/an-overview-of-the-celestial-market

Constellations/Polestars Inventory
Constellations and Polestars can be found in their respective tabs in your inventory, as opposed to regular game items. Selecting a Constellation/Polestar will show additional options:

- Polestars
View in Retrieval: will allow you to access Crew Retrieval and see which crew are available by using that specific Polestar

- Constellations/Polestars - Not live yet:
- Sell Now: this option will be displayed if there is at least one order available in the Celestial Market, and will allow you to quickly sell to fulfill that order
- Sell : this option will be displayed when there are no Orders for that constellation/polestar in the Celestial Market, and will allow you to create a listing to offer it for sale
- Dematerialize : allows you to get rid of a Constellation for 300 ISM, and of a Polestar for 800 ISM.

Crew Retrieval Confirmation
Based on feedback we’ve iterated on the confirmation pop up when retrieving crew, making it clearer by bringing attention to the size of the pool you are retrieving from.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these updates and we are looking forward to your feedback!

iOS 8.0.2
Regarding our current iOS version, v8.0.2, it was released for a minor backend change on June 23. A force update is scheduled for early next week at which point v8.0.2 will be required to continue playing

Thank you for playing,



  • ShanShan admin
    8.1.1 has been released on Google Play and Windows 10 :)
  • ShanShan admin
    8.1.1 has been released on iOS - as always it can always take a bit of time for the new version to be available in all app stores.
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