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New Gauntlet Event Suggestion

Jericho2524Jericho2524 ✭✭
edited August 2 in Make It So!
Hello, I apologize if something similar has been mentioned in the past that I may have missed, but I have had an idea for a event for a while I'd like to mention.

I have thought of having a type of Gauntlet type event, but you can use your entire crew similar to expedition where they fatigue. You get a random batch of crew that is queued up and you can queue crew as well in a pool to keep loaded. Easy fights net you next to nothing in points but better fights with more risk get you more points, similar to how gauntlet is now but not in a fixed grouping. People with large crew base would have an advantage to be sure for points, but A ticket type setup like skirmish but with away missions can be used to refresh fatigued crew either on a individual basis or as a whole......

Or Maybe send 5 Crew as a group that work together as a team and go up against others for the points or something so you can balance all type of traits that battle. and each group you send out cost a set amount of tickets.

I don't know but just a thought on at least another type of event to shake things up.....


  • {PTC} Kenny{PTC} Kenny ✭✭✭
    I would go all in on anything new to use my crew
  • Commodore PackCommodore Pack ✭✭✭✭
    I like it!
    But then, I am one of those weirdos that tend to enjoy the Gauntlet... 😳
  • The Gauntlet definitively needs something new. It's a missed opportunity...
  • 8of78of7
    edited November 17
    OK... here is my suggestion on how to improve Gauntlet and in the same time Fleet use.
    Fist, long overdue... improve the usual rewards (like credits in the range 10000 - 30000, and remove trainings).
    Second, create Gauntlet divisions or championships:
    - Every 2 days put automatically in a gauntlet only 4 fleets (from the same division / level).
    - Every fleet receives a different flag, which will be attached to their players. This way, every player will know whom to attack from a competing fleet - usually the best ranked opponent (this way you also address the problem of meeting a wall of the same gauntlet character).
    - Make divisions or levels, many of them to make it competitive. At the end of the two days, the winning fleet goes up a level/in a superior division, 2nd place stays the same, 3rd and 4th are retrograded (or something similar). Alternatively you can use the Arena model (with fleets getting points), but I think it would make it less competitive.
    - In the Gauntlet the players get different fleet points, depending on where they finish (I would say only the first 30 players get various points). Players gather points for their fleets, which sets the ranking.
    - Also, every member from the first three fleets get rewards (for example 1st fleet - 5 Gauntlet Vaults, 2nd fleet - 5 Gauntlet Crates, 3rd Fleet - 5 Gauntlet Chests... or better rewards - in other words, don't be cheap WRG, we rarely get something useful anyway...) For simplicity the rewards can come at a later stage via in-mail.

    This suggestion has the advantage of not needing to change significantly the existing coding, so I believe it would be easy to implement.
    The impact I believe would be quite positive, especially at fleet level. You would give people something to talk about it, make strategies...(maybe even make a system that shows who are the best performers within the fleet...)
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