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Star Trek Day, our next update, and more!

Greetings, Captains,

How about some game news? We have interesting things to share with you all!

For the viewers of Timelines Talks, a player run Twitch stream, this was the subject of today’s stream in which WRG_Ben participated.

Engage! Things to look forward to this September:

Monday is Labor Day in the USA, a high value citation based offer will be available on that day.

Star Trek Day Celebrations: on September 8 we will mark the occasion with a free crew giveaway, and three temporary achievements as a way to get three additional copies! The full details will be communicated next week.

Psst: There is a puzzle tease on our forums for those of you who want to try and guess who that new character will be. https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/18525/new-crew-teaser

There will be a Birthday Behold purchasable pack available on Walter Koenig’s birthday, on September 10. The behold will allow you to choose between Platonian Chekov, Dancing Checkov, and First Officer Chekov.

On September 28 a new collection will go live, this time for immortalized crew with the “primal” trait.

Additionally we’re also planning on having an honor sale, and to add a new character to the Honor Hall, stay tuned for more information on this at a later date.

Upcoming client update v8.2.0

Our next client update will contain various bug fixes and quality of life changes.
The release is tentatively scheduled for the end of September followed by a force update. Some of the changes listed in this communique will only be available once all players are on v.8.2.0.

- Interface changes:
_ You will be able to hide the interface, yes this is happening, and we’re looking forward to your amazing screen captures
_ the Galaxy map will offer a more intuitive option to return to the main interface
_ similarly to the Manifest folder, Daily Missions will also become a folder. Inside you’ll be able to access: Daily Missions, Daily Login Rewards, the Campaign, and Cadet Challenges
_ Captain Achievements will change location and will be accessible via the Captain’s profile
_ the Daily Login Rewards panel will make it clearer that it follows the calendar month.

We’ll also be testing the following changes on some players:
_ Purchases folder: the folder will show an animation of the Dabo Wheel to indicate that Dabo has reset. The animation will disappear once the wheel is spun once.
_ Voyage: making this feature accessible directly from the main interface

- Bug fixes:
_ fixed an issue where the Get Menu would incorrectly show missions for items that were already claimed as Rare Rewards
_ inventory selection will no longer reset after dematerializing a polestar
_ ending a Cadet Challenge will bring you back to the Cadet Challenge panel instead of the main interface

- Improvements and features:
_ Fleets: a new filter will be provided to show fleet dailies completion status for all fleet members
_ The Get Menu will show when an item is also available in a faction store
_ The Replicator panel will show how many replicator uses you have remaining for that day
_ Collection information will be displayed in the crew details popup and in the crew details
You will be able to see which collections the current crew is in, your current owned and immortalized progress to the next milestone
_ Beholds will be more diverse, in the future you may see mixed rarity crew beholds. And maybe some schematics.
_ Objective events are coming! Sharing some similarities with temporary achievements, these mid-week solo objective based events will be part of the Event Hub, and will allow you to complete tasks for various rewards. We’re hoping to release the first one at the end of October. We will share more information on this in due time.

- Crew Retrieval and Celestial Market
These systems are pretty rare for games of the CCRPG type (card collector role playing game), and it was a daunting endeavor. But we’re proud of how it turned out and by how it was received!

Here are some fun Celestial Market stats that we wanted to share with you:

- Over 150,000 transactions have been executed.
- Over 120,000 Polestars and over 20,000 Constellations have changed hands.
- The most sold items are the human, federation, and starfleet polestars.
- Since the week of July 26 - Aug 1st to present, the average polestar unit price has increased by 26.3%.
- A Friar Data Tuck constellation was purchased for 9,353,693 ISM. This is puzzling WRG_Ben, and it threw off all of his charts! He will recover.
- As of Monday, the average constellation unit price is 2,739 ISM and the average polestar unit price is 4,970 ISM.

We are looking forward to an exciting September, we hope you are too!

Thank you for playing,

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