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Server Release Notes 2021-09-14

Greetings, Captains,

With today’s server release we’ve added five free crew slots to everyone, the base total is now 150. Enjoy!

As part of today’s notes we want to make you aware of a change that we failed to communicate when it happened on 08/31.
A trait change occurred for Platonian Chekov - the “costumed” trait, which was erroneously applied to this crew, was removed and replaced with the “resourceful” trait.

Our apologies for the late communication and the inconvenience this trait change might cause you.

New collection: “Original Thinking” is a new collection released today, for immortalized crew with the “resourceful” trait

We’ll are also welcoming Borg Queen Seven to the game, as a new 5* addition to the Honor Hall.

Last but not least, it is time for an Honor Sale!

As of today Tuesday, September 14 special offers and packs are purchasable on the main interface and in the Time Portal respectively. They will be available until Tuesday, September 21, around noon ET (16:00 UTC)!

- Special Honor Offers: these offers allow you to purchase Honor and a 5* citation. They each have their own purchase limit.

- Special Packs: these packs are purchasable with honor, you can choose between 3 different packs to get 1x 1/5 crew among crew currently available in the regular packs from the Time Portal! They will refresh daily at noon ET.

Pack 1:
For a price of 10,000 Honor this pack has no purchase limit, and will grant you 1x 1/5 random crew (no behold).

Pack 2:
For a price of 10,000 Honor this pack has a purchase limit of 1 a day, and will grant you 1x 1/5 Behold (a choice between 3 crew).

Pack 3:
For a price of 40,000 Honor pack this pack has a purchase limit of 10 a day, and will grant you 1x 1/5 Behold + 1x 5*citation.

Thank you for playing,

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