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Celebrate Shatner's Space Voyage

I think it'd be really cool if you celebrated Shatner getting to go into space. A few possible ways to do that:
  • a free gold Kirk pack that is a selection between Admiral Kirk, Wrathful Kirk, and, I don't know, maybe Survivalist Kirk or a new gold Kirk if you have one ready (especially EV Suit Kirk, as we know that'll be coming at some point).
  • a 490 pack with Lt. JG Palmer, Nexus Kirk, and Lily Sloane.
  • Bringing back the Final Frontier/Continuous Exploration pack, swapping one of the aforementioned Kirks into one of the slots.


  • I would like to see a version of Kirk from "The Motion Picture".
  • Thanks Mr. "Bill" Shatner, for all the episodes and movies, and now space! Congrats! Live Long and Prosper, Sir!
    Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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