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If you're going to make new event types

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(Which I'm all for, by the way.) Why not bring back Expedition events? I liked them. I like them a lot more than Galaxy events, that's for sure. And I hate the monotony of the same three event types constantly and hybrids don't really help break up that monotony. And now with this Objective event type coming, that will be four event types in common rotation. But you know what's better than four? And bonus! The event is already there and works just fine as-is which has to be faster than building something from scratch, right?

Weren't we promised an Expedition event overhaul as well? The event type did get some small QoL improvements just before it went the way of the dodo, but we were told there would be a full overhaul. That just evaporated into the aether. It's only once every two or so years that the mythological Expedition event reappears as a rerun and I'm kind of sick of being hopeful each time that maybe they're making a comeback only to be disappointed.

Edit: January 30th, 2020 was the last time an Expedition made a showing. Which was a little over a year from the previous showing in December 2018.
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