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Voyage crew improvement

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but a big QoL improvement would be if you get a pt 1 if a 3 pt dilemma the next one should be pt 2 if you get the right choice same for pt 3. You should not have to send out 3 day voyages to get them. I have had multiple voyages where I get pt one early on then don't even see pt 2 10 hrs later. It can still be random which dilemmas you get other than that but the pt 2 and 3s need to come more often. I've been playing about a year and the only pt 3 crew I have is guinan as she comes from achievement. But there is still 3, 3 pt crew I don't have even 1 copy of. Not including the 2 pt crew I'm still missing as well.
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