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Battle Arena Suggestion

With the game being around so long now, I think a small but helpful perk could be added. Instead of the same schematics being given for an entire month for all players, a player gets a Choose One Set for the month. With a choice between 3 random types of schematics for each tier, to change at the monthly refresh.


  • I like this idea..I like that a choice is included.

    On a different note:
    I mentioned this once before: having a ship scrap yard of sorts.. put in your old schematics you're not using, and get something else? Especially good if you get ship schematics you already completed up to a level ten ship. Get a random ship, the one you want, or with a percentage chance of reaching your desired ship, or some kind of blueprint for creating a new ship you want? (Lastly, just food for thought I'd guess, or some far off stardate, because this might not fly, but: possibly, create some combination of ships or something new altogether?)

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