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Upcoming force update, Objective event and v8.2.1

Greetings, Captains,

8.2.0 is now available on the following app stores: Amazon, Samsung, and Huawei.

As previously announced we’re looking at Monday, November 8, for a force update after which v8.2.0 will be mandatory to continue playing. This will occur shortly after the end of the weekly event.

If you have not already done so please:
- update now to avoid any disruption
- claim the free 8.2.0 update pack containing 500 Chronitons

On Monday November 8, after the force update, we will enable the following for all players:
- the ability to hide the interface, that option will be found in the Menu
- the Get Menu will show in which faction store the selected item is currently available

v8.2.1/Objective Events

As we continued to test and work on Objective Events we encountered some last minute bugs.
These bug fixes will be part of a new update, v8,2,1, that will be released next week - with a tentative force update on Monday, November 15.

This also means that our first Objective Event, a beta run that will consist of a more simple version, is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 16. Stay tuned for more information on this at a later date.

Thank you for playing!

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