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Objective Event test - Gauntlet fights not counting

I logged in today, collected my four shuttles to finish Objective 2 and then went to the Gauntlet, did 5 fights, come back and the counter showed 0. I restarted the game (multiple times) and the counter remained at 0. I went and did 5 more fights, those counted. So the initial 5 fights DID NOT COUNT and now because of that I won't have time to finish the 3rd objective. Mainly because the time limit was unreasonably constrictive. But also because of this bug.

I've also got issues with gauntlet battles being an objective. It incentivizes me to choose fights with the lowest possible point gain. If I do the fights with the highest point gain, I shoot up the rankings too fast and then my crew can be used once, maybe twice before I'm out of viable fights and then have to sacrifice them. If I choose the lowest possible point gain, I can use each one of my crew four or even five times. Anything that incentivizes playing poorly in order to advance is bad design.
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  • Thank you for creating this thread.
    Were all the gauntlet fights that you did in the same gauntlet?
    Or was a different gauntlet involved?
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