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Let’s glide into the festive season with a Dabo Sale and a giveaway!

Greetings, Captains,

The festive season is upon us and we’re starting off with a few things we think you’ll enjoy.

Starting tomorrow Wednesday December 1 and until Wednesday December 8, around 1pm ET (18:00 UTC), all Dabo spins will be 50% off!

Next, we’re celebrating the return of Star Trek:Discovery with a free crew giveaway of the brand new Resistance Burnham 5* (as seen in season 3), and a month-long Objective Event that will allow you to obtain three additional copies!

The free giveaway pack and the Objective Event will be available starting tomorrow, December 1 at 12am ET (5:00 UTC). You’ll have until Thursday, December 30 at 12am ET (5:00 UTC) to complete the Discovery Objective Event, and until Tuesday, January 4 at noon ET (17:00 UTC) to claim the free pack!

Don’t forget that our December mega-event starts this Thursday, and keep an eye out for a special communique coming next week, as we’ll have a special assignment for you: choosing our 6th anniversary crew giveaway.. Stay tuned!

With this week’s server release we’ve also made the following change:
Ancient Humanoid: addition of the “cultural figure” trait.

Thank you for playing, and live long and prosper,

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