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Objective Event Beta - Prepare for a Faction Event - 2021/12/14

Greetings, Captains,

Thank you for the feedback provided on Objective Events so far, it is appreciated!

Based on that feedback we’re glad to let you know that from now on Objective Events that will take place on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, will be announced on the previous Wednesday.

While we are working on a few kinks these Objective Events will be announced on our forums and via in-game mail. In the future they will be announced via the Event Hub, on the previous Wednesday as well.

Objective Event Beta - Prepare for a Faction Event - 2021/12/14

Starting on Tuesday, December 14 at 12am ET (5:00 UTC) and until Thursday, December 16, at 12am ET (5:00 UTC) a new Objective Event Beta will take place as a preparation for the Hybrid Faction/Galaxy event that will start on December 16.

The objectives for this event will be:
- Level Up Crew 90 times
- Fuse Crew 3 times
- Immortalize 1 crew (locked - has prerequisites)
- Complete 20x Shuttle Missions
- Complete 40x Away Missions (locked - has a prerequisite)
- Complete 20x Gauntlet Rounds (locked - has a prerequisite)

Rewards will include: training programs, replicator rations, shuttle boosts, shuttle rental tokens, Merits and Chronitons.

Thank you for playing,

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