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AWS Outage and change to Ads general cooldown - 2021-12-15

Greetings, Captains,

Earlier today an outage at one of our providers, AWS, impacted access to the game.
The issue has now been resolved. As you might have been negatively impacted by this, please accept the 125 Chronitons + 1 Voyage Revival token that are enclosed in the in-game that was sent out.

Ads cooldown change (mobile platforms only)
We’re trying something new with ads, we’ve removed the general cooldown!
This is a temporary change that will be evaluated later this month.

This change means that you are no longer limited to watching an ad based on the general cooldown.

The other cooldowns remain and are as follow:

- Scan: once every 30 minutes
- Away Mission Warp: once every 30 minutes
- Cadet Challenge Warp: once every 4 hours
- Dabo spin : once every 24 hours
- Chronitons Boost: once per window
- Double rewards: once every hour

Thank you for playing,

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