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Star Trek Timelines is about to turn 6, let the celebrations begin!

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Greetings, Captains,

Next week it’ll be six years since the STAR TREK TIMELINES adventure began, boldly carrying the torch of the STAR TREK franchise into the mobile gaming space.

Since then over 1,100 crew have been added to the game, and our first crew of 2022 is ‘Returning Saru’, the crew you picked as our anniversary giveaway!

From Tuesday, January 4 (12am ET - 5:00 UTC), until Tuesday, February 1 (12am ET - 5:00 UTC) you will be able to obtain ‘Returning Saru’ in the following ways:

- by claiming the free 1/5 giveaway pack available in the Time Portal
- by participating in the 6th anniversary Objective Event that will allow you to claim three additional copies.

The objectives for this month long Objective Event will be:
- Complete 150x Gauntlet Rounds
- Level Up Discovery Crew 90 times
- Complete 250x Ship Battles with the U.S.S Shenzhou
- Level Up ‘Returning Saru’ 90 times (reach level 91)
- Fuse ‘Returning Saru’ 3 times

The rewards will include: Lieutenant Commander Saru 2*, Returning Saru 5*, 70x U.S.S. Shenzhou schematics, various equipment, and Honor.

Our anniversary celebrations will not stop there, later this month you can look forward to:
- new captain avatars
- a new collection
- a Time Portal update
- Elusive Treasures

We are grateful for all the captains, old and new, who will take part in these celebrations with us. Thank you for playing!

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