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The Big Book of Behold Advice v2.0

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The Big Book of Behold Advice v2.0

Video breakdown here

The Big Book 2.0 has only been made possible due to the awesome work of @NoNameNamer . BB2 is bigger and bookier thanks to his efforts. Huge thank you to him and to all the friends who have helped out along the way.

Please note that this is not a finished product. There will be adjustments to the existing systems and grades and we have many more ideas and features yet to implement such as cadets, behold comparisons, tier presets, event helper, and more.

You can reach us with questions, comments, and suggestions in the Big Book channel of the Timelines Talks Discord Server. You'll find bot support there for new crew, updates to The Book, and a friendly community of Timelines players. Thanks to everyone who's reached out in the past with kind words. ❤


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