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Fantastic Voyage Duo's

Fantastic Duo's for Voyages

ENG seats: Labourer Kirk /Amelia Earhart.
CMD seats: Captain Braxton /Admiral Janeway
MED seats: Cheescake7 /Medic Jett Reno.
SEC seats: Klingon West /Assimilated Hawk or.... Sinister Picard with Shouty Kirk.
Honourable mentions:- Gun show Picard and Control Leland for CMD seats
P. S. I'm getting closer to 12 hour solo voyage . Now sitting at 11 hours, 48 minutes dead ☺️


  • Veterinary PhloxVeterinary Phlox ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's all I can think of. (Congrats on getting so close!)
    Six degrees in Inter-species Veterinary Medicine. Treating all manner of critters, from Tribbles to Humans.

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