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The Straw

Well, the straw finally arrived that broke the camel’s back. It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived for me to stop contributing anymore money to your product.

Today I fell for it. I looked at a the Doctor’s Order pack and saw 3 out of 6 characters that I didn’t own and a Combat Medic Paris that I hadn’t immortalized yet and thought, well I should be able to land something. I bought 8 packs. 7 of the 8 landed the 2 characters I had immortalized, the last one was a single Combat Paris. $30ish dollars down the DB drain. And this wasn’t the exception, it was the norm.

Simply put, your game punsihes loyal players. You simply have not developed fair methods of rewarding those of us who are willing to pay to play. We are punished in the following illogical ways that seem dishonest:
1. VIP cap at 14: After that, VIP points are meaningless. There aren’t even badges, exclusive offers or thank yous.
As your crew increases and you immortalize characters, the greater the percentage of characters that get airlocked. Purchasing randomized packages becomes economically unwise with diminished returns.
2. Incredibly low honor points for airlocking 4 and 5 star characters. I’ve just spent 5ish dollars to purchase a package and got a repeat legendary. I airlock it and only get 1% of the cost to convert it into a Legendary badge. Again, given the risk, it doesn’t make sense to spend the money or resources.
3. Faction Reputation. Perhaps the weirdest part of the game. As your reputation increases (gets better) with a faction, your chances of success on a shuttle mission with that faction decrease. Huh? So, the more people respect you, the harder it is to work with them? Weird, weird logic. Made even more strange by the low yield of components like zero star ancient films and holoprograms that, though they are needed everywhere, seem to be the least common of common items.
4. The Gauntlet. I don’t… I just can’t…. Who built the math on the Gauntlet and why? This part of your programming is hair-pulling. Just read your boards. Nobody understands how or why you fixed the odds in there.
5. Finally, Customer service. They are tepidly pleasant, rarely helpful, and repetitively belittling in their lacksadaisic responses. I doubt if any of them have even read this far into this post.

So, I will probably play for awhile. However, seeing as so much of this game relies on dilithium, and I will soon run out. I am sure the game will be decreasingly interesting. If you want any more of my money, I will need to see the above problems fixed. Some solutions?
1. Uncap the VIP: Creatively come up with rewards or thank yous that don’t necssarily break gameplay for people who don’t spend money.
2. If you are going to randomize the packs, make sure that the percentages of getting any paticular character decrease the more packs you purchase. Increase the probability of drawing a legendary. Offer a different package or percentage to high VIP players. Put one behold in each pack. Any change which makes a purchaser feel like they didn't just waste $5.00 would be a welcome improvement.
3. Easy fix for honor points. Bump up the amount of honor points given for airlocking to 10%, even 5% would be a grudging improvment. This would allow players to customize their crew, lower their disappointment and even tempt them into one last purchase for the sake of another favorite character.
4. Fix the common component dilemma. Let a one star sub for a zero star, a two star sub for a one star, etc. increase the probability of common items on shutle missions.
5. Do something with the Gauntlet forchrissakes. So depressing.
6. And, please, please, put a search/sort function on the Cruyostasis Vault. High end players have a lot of people in there, this is just another frustrating inconvenience.

Thank for the pleasant days. Good luck with your product, but don't expect any ringing endorsements anytime soon.


  • You feel that the line must be drawn here,no further!
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  • I meant to draw it sooner, but.... CyberMonday.
  • Good post. You hit most of my issues with the game,
  • Nero84Nero84 ✭✭✭
    I have said before I think the best solution would be to allow more honor; however, that doesn’t seem like it will happen. I think gauntlet is actually ok and I don’t think a huge change is needed there. I think ship battles are basically worthless but some people really enjoy them.
  • +1 on the idea of an increased chance for toons you do not have.
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