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Spockwork Orange fleet page. Fully upgraded starbase lvl 134. 2 spots open



  • still 1 spot open
  • B)
  • spot filled for now but we are always looking for good players to make us go :) leave a note/message and i ll get back to you
  • we ll be looking to add a good captain(lvl 60 and above) to our fleet as one member is retiring .pm me for details .sb lvl is 118
  • we have a couple of spots open for lvl 60 and above captains .
  • one spot filled only one left...
  • sb lvl up a notch at 119.one spot still available for active captain.
  • our consistently high ranking fleet is looking for 1 active captain lvl 60 or above.join today in time for the upcoming faction event.
  • still one spot open
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    hey there - I've been sticking with the same fleet for a while now but it's drifting badly on impulse and although I will be sad to leave, now is the time to make a switch to a more active fleet.

    I am based in the UK, a lvl 68 captain and daily player, mainly working on my core 4*'s and where possible my 5*'s. I currently have 241 crew immortalized (all 1-3*'s) 89x 4*'s and 1x 5* (Mirror Picard)
    I am not a big spender, just the monthly dil card, but I do try and use it wisely.

    I place regularly top 3k in weekend events regardless of which type, generally though I do worst in faction and best in skirmish. Despite my current fleet only having a lvl 103 starbase, I regularly place top 20 in gauntlet and also run regular 8hr+ voyages without spending dil.

    I have my own crew spreadsheet on google docs which I built and maintain myself showing the rank of crew by both core and proficiency skills and which helps me decide where to focus crew upgrades. I am currently working on a tool for both gauntlet and skirmish to help select best crew.

    I would be happy to share that with the fleet if you would take me.

  • spot filled .you may inquire though if you are a high ranked player.
  • 1 spot opened up
  • spot is still open for an active captain.
  • sb lvl up a notch at 120 now :):)
  • spot filled .you may inquire though if you are a high ranked player.
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  • one spot has opened up.check description /posts for more info if interested
  • sb lvl 122.one spot open .
  • B)
  • looking for more competitive players .if you are one msg me .
  • only do so if you are certain you want to join .currently we have 2 open spots
  • one spot filled,one left open
  • sb lvl 123
  • sb lvl 124.
  • if your new years resolution is to find a top fleet, one that has a high lvl sb does all dailies and has some tricks up its sleeves , you are in luck.we are currently reforming a couple of our squads and have some spots open.feel free to inquire.
  • we have 3 spots opened up for elite captains to join .
  • we now have one last spot to make us whole again.complete us ... :)
  • sb lvl 125
  • sb lvl 126
  • one spot is still open
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