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3.1.0 Server Release Notes

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains!

In preparation of our next client update, v3.1.0, we released a server build which contains the following changes:

• The highly-anticipated Episode 8 is now available! Tough choices await you: the Hirogen prey on the Xindi, and the Dominion are trying to take advantage of it. Which side will you choose?

Known issue for Episode 8 for the mission Uprising and the following nodes:
- Tipping off Hirogen for the Hunt (Elite)
- Verge of Destruction (Normal/Epic)

Criting on that rare reward node for the first time will result in the rare reward being obtained correctly. However the star will remain on the node and the reward will show as unclaimed until the mission is opened again. We are working on a fix for those display issues.

• Many of you have requested more ways to obtain new crew. It is now possible by using Merits to purchase the new Merit Rewards pack available in the Time Portal!

• New Starbase Rooms are here: expand your Starbase with new skill proficiency rooms!

• Fleet Daily Targets: rewards will no longer need to be claimed before the day resets! If you were unable to claim the rewards on a specific day, they will now automatically be claimed the next day when you access your Fleet's hub. Currently this is done without a visual confirmation, v3.1.0 will contain the appropriate pop-up displaying the rewards received.

• Admiral Kirk’s 2-star Admiral uniform no longer requires 3-star items in order to be built.

Make sure to restart/refresh the game to benefit from these changes.

We expect the release of v3.1.0 to occur sometime next week, with a forced upgrade the week after that. Please note that some of the features in the new client will only be available after the forced upgrade has taken place.

Thank you for playing!

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