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Captain's need a Stand-by, Ready Room (suggestion)

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Wishful thinking perhaps, but there should be, since the advent of Starbases especially, a 'Ready Room' (heck, even call it the holodeck :D ) where you can keep somewhat of an on-call roster with perhaps a Maximum of 20 (even 10?) crew members, for cadet missions, (mainly) or other 'fave crew' and so on, any crew members that you only use for particular missions. It becomes somewhat annoying for the most part, you feel some of your crew take up much-needed space.

You should be able to have crew kept here (shuffled to and fro) at no charge; honestly it 'costs' us enough to collect all the items for our crew. This should merely be a secondary area available (not cryo) not necessarily Imm' either, whatever lvl status. or maybe just 'dropped' from a pack :D Captains' need a break such as this, something that we don't have to fork out for, but adds to the game. :)


  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    20 would be enough for all kinds of cadet missions and arena starship crew, yeah.
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  • True.. :)
  • A better advice would be to have more crew features & new members should be sent to 1 of them & the members should be transferable between the features.
  • hmm..? perhaps you should start a new discussion on that then..? Since that's the way db would notice it.
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