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Please give timeframe or info about future of Starbase donations

As our fleet is in ongoing dilemma over whether to hold back to 1100 donations per day, or to build the rooms as quickly as possible for maximum bonus -

It would be helpful to have a heads up on whether or not there will be at some point a permanent solution to Starbases which will allow us to continue obtaining the 100 chronitons per day. For example, a single-level bottomless pit type room we could endlessly donate to for upkeep (like an arboretum) to earn the 1100 donation daily chron target.

At present, advanced fleets risk losing the 100 chronitons per day if the rooms are maxed in advance.

Even if a permanent solution for indefinite daily chron earning is not on DB's list of things to do, it would help us a lot if that is clarified, so that we can decide as a group whether to stick to the threshold to extend our chron days or not.

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