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3.1.0 Client/Server Release Notes

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Greetings, Captains!

Today we are releasing an update to STAR TREK TIMELINES on all platforms, version 3.1.0.
If you are playing on mobile or Steam make sure to update as soon as the new version becomes available to you. For Facebook/Gameroom the update will be automatic.

We are also happy to announce that STAR TREK TIMELINES is now available on the Amazon Appstore!

Please note that some of the features in v3.1.0 will only be available after a forced upgrade that will occur next week.

Here is what's new in v3.1.0:

- Crew Management
An icon will now tell you if the crew is on a Shuttle, a Voyage, or a battle station on a non battle arena ship. This will be particularly useful if you are unable to dismiss or fuse a crew.

- Galaxy Map icon Voyage indicator
To better keep track of your Voyages, the Galaxy Map icon will now display a specific indicator when a Voyage:
• encounters a dilemma
• fails
• is being recalled

- Chat
Some cosmetic changes have been applied to chat. You will now see your avatar while typing and the name of each channel will also be displayed at the top of that channel window.

New features available AFTER the forced upgrade
- Daily Activities and Achievements
1 new daily activity and 2 new achievements related to Voyages were added.

- Voyage Tutorial
Voyages now have their own tutorial. We hope this will help Captains in being better prepared before warping off. The tutorial will only be seen once, the first time you access the feature.

Bug fixes
There are many bug fixes for this new version:

Various UI fixes, including:
• Auto claiming Fleet Targets Rewards will now display a pop up with the rewards received. As a reminder the auto claim is only applicable for Fleet Target Rewards that were not claimed on the previous day.
• Episode 8 mission Uprising and the following nodes
- Tipping off Hirogen for the Hunt (Elite)
- Verge of Destruction (Normal/Epic)
criting on those rare nodes for the first time will now show the rare rewards as received and the star gained.
• Selecting an action in Battle Arena no longer highlights ship stats in combat.
• Many typos were airlocked.
• Fixed issue with crew panel window opening up behind Time Portal.
• The notification for finishing first in the Gauntlet now disappears..

Various Voyages bug fixes and improvements, including:
• Tapping the info button will now deselect all crew on a Voyage.
• Found missing icons and pried loose stuck icons.
• Improved notifications so they actually give you timely alerts.
• Correct characters are now displayed on dilemmas.
• Made it harder for Voyages to get stuck.
• Voyages recalled with antimatter remaining will no longer fail.
• Fixed display issues when client and server get out of sync.

Trait fix:
• The Starfleet trait has been added to the following crew:
- Mirror Kirk, Mirror Phlox, Mirror Uhura, Mirror Jean-Luc Picard, Mirror Spock, Mirror Reed and Mirror T'Pol

We hope that you will enjoy these changes, and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for playing!

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