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Gauntlet Rewards that give Crew

I've a few suggestions for this.

-One, it's good to switch it out every so often. Perhaps every 3 months.
-Two, it's good to have more than one. It's my understanding that right now it's Guinan as Locutus seems to be retired. A pool of say 3 or 4 would be preferable.
-Three... okay. Not even sure how to say this. Some people just seem to end up with lots of copies, as I face walls of Guinans and Locutuses in Gauntlet. I've played every day since I started in August (and I've been a theat for the top 15 since September). I've never gotten one. I estimate I get 25 chests per 2-day Gauntlet. 25 x 15 or 375 a month, times 3 months, 1125.

1125 chests or so I've opened. Never have had a Guinan or Locutus. Personally I'd like it if a very mild goose were added to the odds much like in galaxy. That way I at least feel like I'm building toward something by opening all these chests in a gauntlet and getting... well, the chronitons are nice as is the occasional 'needed' equipment, but for the large part it's fluff.

Something like each failure to get a crew chest increases odds of the next by 0.1%. If I open 25 chests and the odds is usually 0.5% (I have not the slightest what the odd is), at least then by the end of it it'd be up to 3% and I might actually get it for once. Small success percentages tend to show up rather... unevenly in my experience.


  • I'm rather OK with the Merits and Credits. The gauntlet is now the principal source of merits for players. Playing for the gauntlet win increases the chance of winning useless components (more 4-star interlinks anyone?). I get a better variety of prizes when I finish less than 10th.
  • Adding in 4. Make win streaks MEAN SOMETHING. Seems like right now there's no value to it- and I've put dilithium into preserving a win streak. Why??
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    How about bringing them all back with a slightly higher chance?
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  • The gauntlet should offer currencies,instead of members.Crew doesn't mean crew member.
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