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Option to decline double offer

There really needs to be a choice to opt out out of the double offer. My experience today was prime example. I received a legendary behold and it had been some time since I had had one and knew it was going to be a double. I had to choose between making an existing crew 5/5 and wasting the offer or picking up a new crew member. I would have much rather made my existing crew 5/5 and still had the option of the offer in case of another legendary behold and then let the 72 hour clock start ticking. I'm sure there are many others that feel the same. Look forward to seeing that option soon.


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    I was going to buy a Mirror Data pack, but then I got Picard and the double offer popped up. I have him at level 100 FE'd already, so unfortunately no money for DB because I would have used the double offer on Data.

    To compound it I originally had to wait until the 2nd Data pack before considering buying it due to a double offer coming up from a behold from another pack (for another character I already had at lvl100)

    Seriously guys, either remove the time limit or limit the double-up offer to once per character if the reason it was implemented in the first place was to stop people insta 5*ing

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    The exact same happened to me. Luckily, it will be more than 72 hours until the event rewards will be claimed (and I can prolong that for another almost 24 hours if necessary). The Picard offer popped Thursday about 3 or 4 hours into the event, so I should be fine getting the Data offer on Monday evening.

    I already posted a suggestion thread to cut the DYC offer's cooldown completely, so people could choose which character to buy the offer for: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/1959/please-cut-the-double-your-crew-offer-cooldown
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