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  • Hey Star Trek Timelines Forum, I just wanted to do something new and announce that on the Universal Chat In Timelines, I host a weekly Star Trek Trivia contest that occurs every Wednesday and has been for two months now. I usually announce the topic in the chat, but since they are becoming very popular, I decided to expand the announcement to the forums. Anyway here it is. Wednesday is our Weekly Star Trek Trivia!!!....Topic: VOY (Season 1; Episodes 13-16 & Season 2; Episodes 1-4)...16 Questions ... Starts at 9:30/8:30c on UC!!!
    Now, the trivia game also includes bonus questions which are quotes said from any Star Trek series even if it is not the weekly topic. After trivia, I count up how many points the participants got, and I make a captain’s log by typing it publically. In it, it will contain the date the trivia was held, and also will name publically, the top three placers. Now, these questions are said to be difficult so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know the answer to them. People that place in the weekly trivia are awarded freebies (a free point and pass to a question they may not know the answer to). 1st gets 3 freebies, 2nd gets 2, and 3rd gets one. Now, these freebies can be saved up, or can be used. I have a journal to see who exactly has a freebie. Anyway, to demonstrate the type of questions that I ask I will pull up the question from last wednesday’s trivia. Example: 2.) In ENT, in the episode “Fortune Son”, what is the name of the freighter captain?
    Then I give ppl 10 mins to respond an de then I say “times up!!” Once I say that, no more answers can be accepted. Then I give the answer: “Answer: Captain Keene”. I don’t count for who answers the questions first, just as long as they are right. And here is an example bonus Question: “Bonus Question: “Starfleet could have sent a probe out here, to make maps and take pictures, but they didn’t. They sent us, so that we could explore with our own senses.”
    Who uttered this quote?” then I say times up and the answer: Captain Jonathan Archer. I know how horribly lagging the game chat can be and how much the people avoid the chat, but I do It so that all trekkies can unite and have fun. I create the questions myself and research the answer watching the episode. Anyway, I think I explained it the best way I could. My name in the game is “[§0§] Mirror Mysterious Cpt. H. The mirror part was added as a spirit theme for the event we are currently having. Anyway, I hope you can stop by or at least speculate. Thank you and let the best Trekkie win.
    P.S.: If you are curious about how hard my trivia questions can get, ask the people in the Universal Chat. They know.
  • Sorry, in the last message I wrote, I give people 19 seconds to respond, not 10 minutes. Lol
  • I Meant 10 seconds. Lol, I did it again.
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    Uhh... what? Is there a point to this thread? Or a question, even?

    Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.
    ~ Data, ST:TNG "Haven"
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    They split off the wrong pieces, lol
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    I have to say this, but it might need to be said. This one random post by the System might be a clear indication of the whole communications problem.

    Keep calm & October 15th!!!!!
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    The original comment that spun off from the event info thread was our guest poster here introducing him/herself and announcing regular Star Trek trivia contests in UC and explaining the rules.
    Sorry, in the last message I wrote, I give people 19 seconds to respond, not 10 minutes. Lol

    Welcome. You can edit a comment by tapping the icon in the top right corner of your comment. You cannot create new threads when you first create an account as an anti-spam measure; it was a big problem in the old forum. I gave you a few awesomes to outweigh the spam flags; the original comment was just so unnecessary large & in the wrong place but it is a valid subject for a topic.
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