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Mirror Vic needs a second look...

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There has occasionally been art that I believe could be improved on significantly, but this is quite possibly the first such piece that I thought had no business being in game. I hadn’t paid too much attention to it during the event, but now that I’m leveling the guy, I’d be hard pressed to recognize this as Vic from the show. It’s even worse than Blood Oath Jadzia Dax. I know there was recently a topic on general art feedback, but I think this stands out as a ‘class of its own’ example of something that needs revision.
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  • I know there was recently a topic on general art feedback

    Refresh my memory, do you mean the thread where Shan specifically said that no crew artwork is ever going to be changed, ever, for no reason?

    Oh anyway I agree with you. That art is pretty terrible and that's why I didn't even try to get a copy of him. Aside from the fact that he's a character whose 3 seconds on the screen didn't leave me much chance of getting attached to.
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    Yea I bought one event pack and was displeased for sure when I got Vic. I haven't sent him out the airlock yet because.. well 650 dilithium. But I'm going to have to at some point because there is no way I can keep that garbage artwork in my crew quarters. I fully agree it's worse than Blood Oath Dax.
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