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Server Release Notes - Changes to Voyages, Holiday Sale, and more! - 12/20

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Greetings, Captains!

Today we are releasing a server update which contains changes to Voyages.
These changes are intended to balance rewards to fit a greater variety of playstyles, and are as follows:

- Slightly increased chances to earn Credits, Training Programs, and Components.
- 4 new Voyages exclusive crew have been added as one-time rewards. Experiment with Dilemmas and you might encounter them; tell us when you do!
- Slightly decreased chances to earn 1* crew.
- Slightly decreased chances to earn Chronitons on Voyages going past 4 hours.

Please note that if you are in the middle of a Voyage, the rewards you earned prior to this server release will remain unchanged. These changes will however affect rewards that you will earn afterwards.

Holiday Sale:
The Holidays are upon us! To celebrate we will have Holiday Offers ready for you, starting tomorrow. More details to come soon! Please note that a forced restart will take place prior to those offers going live.

Bug fix:
- fixed an issue with Mirror Uhura's equipment. As a result her SEC stats have slightly increased.

Forced Upgrade:
The forced upgrade to v3.1.0. (iOS) and 3.1.1 (Android) also took place today and the following features are now available to everyone:

- Achievements
We have added 2 new achievements related to Voyages. These achievements are based on length of Voyages and number of Dilemmas resolved. They will not be retroactive, and players who have already logged in today will only see them tomorrow.

We previously announced that a new Daily Mission related to Voyages would also be available. It still needs some work and will go live at a later date.

- Voyage Tutorial
Voyages now have their own tutorial. We hope this will help Captains in being better prepared before warping off. The tutorial will only be seen once, the first time you access the feature.

Thank you for playing, and Engage!

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