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Revert voyages changes

If you want to do us all a favor revert voyages changes immediately. This can only be a joke. When I just started to think you once in a while listen to your players, you come along with such a piece of garbage. It's the most useless change ever, and what make you bombard us with MORE trainers is beyond me. Is anyone of you actually playing the game yourself? If so, you should know that more trainers is definitely not what was needed in the game. It's a travesty.

You also decreased crew drops instead of increasing it as announced! No word on why!


  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    There hasn't been much time since the changes, and my recent experience may be an outlier, but I just finished a voyage of 4 hours that dropped 4 crew besides the 2 from the dilemmas.
  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    I anticipated it being bad, but I got caught up. It does have fewer chronitons, but not a massive cut. In all, I was wrong to hastily jump to anger. Attack Eyebrows is right. I herewith apologize to DB for undue negativity.
  • Hope_FHope_F ✭✭✭
    For me it has only been very bad so far. Got more trainers, which nobody needs if you know what you are doing and less of everything else. Those who claim being short on trainers are either new (the problem will go away pretty quickly and you will drown in them), or they are doing it wrong. I immortalize about 1/day (which will slow down soon since I am close to immortalizing all blues and greens) and still have about 2,500 gold trainers unused (and burned about 1,000 in the replicator a while ago). Even if you do everything right and are short on trainers (although I fail to see how this is possible) you are the exception, not the rule.
    Chronitons might be more erratic due to the fact that amount/drop increased but drop rate decreased. So it might be that on average it's not too bad but there are some outliers in the negative as well as in the positive. So far only negative though.
    There is no hyperbole, if the exact opposite was done as was announced (what about the announced less trainers and more crew drops?). It amazes me that there are players who would bend over and even thank the people that lied to them in the first place. Enablers are the worst!
  • IrialIrial ✭✭✭✭
    Might it not be a bit early to know the long term impact of the change to Voyages?
  • Focusing only on substance and refraining from hyperbole, I agree with the OP.

    Unfavourable (to the players) announced changes generally happened, and have been substantial. Favorable announced changes have been far less substantial. I don't think the "net" magnitude of the voyage changes is what was intended.

    DB, if you read this, you should have a mountain of data by now. If this isn't what was intended, please revert the changes and try again.
  • [DB:DB] Deb[DB:DB] Deb ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Back to hyperbole...

    @Hope_F, give it a rest on the trainers! I was trainer-poor for 6 months after starting this game. 6 months isn't "pretty quick," and I absolutely do know what I'm doing.

    If any noobs read this, please enjoy the trainers.
  • Any decrease in chrons is unacceptable. That was my main reason for running a voyage.
  • I have yet to obtain a 4* character by the 8 hour mark ( I used to get 1-2), chrons have dropped about 20%, and replicator rations have decreased by 75%. Obviously, my sample size is small so it could be changes, or it could be rotten luck. For all I know, someone out there could be hitting it like a caveman on voyages and rolling in loot... Quantifying any differences will help to give a clearer picture of any voyage adjustments and avoid vagueness or hyperbole. Oh, and I personally do not mind the trainers. Level with them, or burn them in the replicator.
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  • 8 hour mark i had 2 10 hour I had 4 and did a recall.
  • Agree on the OP's point of trainers, but that wasn't always the case - early on in the game, I was in desperate need of trainers and was actually looking at which mission gave the most exp to participants. For the first few months, I was constantly out of them. A few months in, I have an excessive amount of all of them and they're now next to worthless to me.

    My experience with the voyage update has been significantly underwhelming, getting less of what I want and more of what I don't...
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